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How do I order my favorite card?
If you like a design, click on a thumbnail. A dialog box appears with the details of the card. At the top you will see a link "prices - add to cart". A new popup will appear with the prices. Here you choose your number and click on the shopping cart icon. In the basket, you have the opportunity to order envelopes too.You then enter your address and complete the order.
Can you customize my card?
Of course! Tell us what you want. Also note that you can choose between several colors depending on the card. When placing an order tell us if you have any special requests.
Where do I send my photos?
Please send them by mail to paola@paola-design.ch.
What happens after I've ordered a card?
I will customize the card to your liking and send you a jpeg.When you are satisfied with the design, I will ask you to transfer the payment and the printing of the card is initiated.
How long does it take for me to have my card?
Delivery times of cards: 7 - 10 working days (Express: 3-4 working days, 85.- Fr additionally).
I have more questions
Contact me at paola@paola-design.ch.
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